Syed Basit Ali, A brilliant and young comedian, was recently invited to the Neo News Morning Show hosted by Nabeeha Ejaz.

Ali had been asked to do humour and imitation, but he became enraged during the dancing section. As soon as he spotted the guests dancing, he started fighting with them. “What type of filth and obscenity are you folks demonstrating in the live show?” the comedian said.

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The host and guests, in his perspective, had also lost it. “What are you doing in this vulgar show?” they said, poking fun at him. Syed Basit Ali made it apparent that he had been asked simply for the purpose of impersonation and was unaware of the obscenity that would ensue.

Nonetheless, in the rat race for ratings, morning programs are prepared to do anything these days. These shows, like others in the past, are capable of producing high-quality content. The rating game, on the other hand, binds them to lower standards.

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Television meant to be used to provide information that was both entertaining and intellectually stimulating. It is now only deteriorating the intellect more. Morning programs are lacking in original substance.

Pakistani morning programs are the most heinous portrayal of Pakistani society, steadily eroding the audience’s mental faculties. The programmes that are broadcast on our television channels for two hours (or more) every morning are not imaginative. It’s remarkable that these programs have been allowed to run wild for over two decades.