Twenty-four Covid-19 patients are said to have fled from an isolation facility in Peshawar the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

According to reports, all of the patients arrived in Peshawar via private plane from Sharjah and were held at the Peshawar Police Hospital after testing positive for the novel virus.

The patients were placed in isolation as a precautionary measure to prevent the lethal virus from spreading.

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According to some sources, the hospital’s staff were to blame for the negligence when all passengers were able to leave the quarantine centre.

Following the breaking news in the national media, Pakistan’s highest monitoring body acted quickly and ordered the hospital administration to return all passengers as soon as possible.

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Dr. Niaz Muhammad of MS Peshawar Police Hospital told a press reporter that 21 passengers had been returned to the hospital, while the search for three others was still ongoing.