In Islamabad, Two men have been apprehended by federal authorities for reportedly sexually assaulting a woman in a taxi on her way home from work.

The couple allegedly assaulted the woman and then took her jewellery and phone from her in the car, according to investigators. Rawalpindi-based criminals were apprehended by police officers from the Sahala police station.

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During questioning, it was discovered that the defendants had already been involved in a host of other offences, including sexual harassment, rape, and kidnapping. In addition, police discovered a handgun in the suspect’s hands.

A convicted rapist who raped at least 20 people, including a female constable, was also arrested last week in the federal capital, Islamabad.

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For more than two years, the manhunt for the perpetrator was called off. Zaheer Ahmed, a serial killer, used to kidnap valuables and cell phones from his victims after raping them.