On Mother’s Day, people all over the world paid tribute to their mothers for assisting them in achieving achievements at the highest levels. Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto also shared throwback pictures with his mother.

To commemorate mother’s days, the young Bhutto shared four photos with his late mother and both sisters. ‘Your Heaven is under your mother’s foot.’ He captioned the photo, “Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere.”

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Earlier, at his sister Bakhtawar Bhutto’s nikkah ceremony, the 32-year-old Bilawal Bhutto recalled his Mother. At this happy moment, it was as though our mother was looking over us. In a social media post, he wished them all the best in their new life together.

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Let it be known that Julia Ward, a human rights activist and poet, founded International Mother’s Day in 1870 in honour of her mother. Following the case, Mother’s Day is observed in many nations, including Pakistan, on the second Sunday in May each year.