Saheefa Jabbar Khattak, known for her charming personality, has never been afraid to speak her mind about the topics she cares about.

The Beti actress recently took to Instagram to call out the hypocrisy, pointing out the facts of the new Ramazan transmission, which conveniently ignores the pandemic.

Ramazan broadcasts are in full swing, cramming huge crowds onto television screens and, understandably, infuriating the public.

“Covid it at its peak. Cricket leagues are getting cancelled, countries in the Subcontinent are going into lockdown and strict curfews are imposed on peoples everywhere — we are well in the middle of this horrendous and treacherous third wave,” she began.

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Saheefa Jabbar advised all to obey the SOPs, wear a mask at all times, and hang on to hope, placing her faith in the scheme.

“This ensures you have ample room in your home to practice it. Hand washing is indeed a luxury. It denotes that you have access to water. Hand sanitisers are a luxury. It implies that you have sufficient funds to purchase them “she said, emphasizing the importance of remembering this.

“They break protocols and are shot on sets with crews of up to 70 people who are not quarantined and do not work in a biosecure setting. This is a flagrant violation of government policy, and it further demonstrates our insensitivity to the situation “She retorted, pointing out that these displays, in fact, offer little useful or redeemable to the table.

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“Rather, they seem to be hell-bent on mocking and offending people for the sake of fun and benefit. It’s obnoxious, impolite, and has no regard for human integrity. Sorry, how this irritates me greatly!” she continued.

Later on, she proposed a logical and much-needed approach to the dilemma.

“Ramadan was the ideal time to do so, so how can people win a Corolla then? Spend Eid by socially distancing yourself, acknowledging your superiority, and attempting to see beyond the illusions we ingest through the magic box!” Khattak remarked.