There was a lot of criticism and a lot of applause when MTJ ‘s flagship store in Karachi opened last week. All of the excitement surrounding the celebrity cleric’s fashion line was expected to generate any rumours. One of the speculations was that the store was offering a drawstring, or a ‘Nara,’ for Rs 550.

Thousands of forwards regarding the unusually priced item were sent out over Whatsapp. People laughed and asked what was so remarkable about this particular ‘drawstring.’ The MTJ brand was forced to react after this received too much traction.

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The MTJ brand saw things get out of balance, so they issued a statement on their official Instagram clarifying that the brand neither manufactures nor sells ‘drawstrings.’ They also said that everyone should be aware of fake news and stop sharing it in order to catch anyone who engages in this “malpractice.”

Many people, understandably, saw the humour in this case. A user was quoted as saying that only in Pakistan could a ‘Nara’ cause too much controversy.

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Others had some punchline jokes they couldn’t contain viewing the situation.

However, not everyone was pleased, as many people viewed this as a serious matter and were annoyed by the cleric’s brand being continually targeted.