Danyal Zafar claims he lacks the required expertise to work with Mahira Khan, one of Pakistan’s most well-known actors.

Danyal spoke to Independent Urdu about his experience working as a producer on Mahira’s upcoming film “Baarwan Khiladi.”

“Mahira was ecstatic to be working on her first production as a producer. He said, “She was so enthusiastic during the shoot, and I hope her hard work pays off for us.”

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“It’s a tough question but maybe she would play my older sister,” he quipped to a question, adding, “I would love to work with her but not now, maybe in three to four years when I come out of ‘boy zone’.”

Danyal Zafar revealed that ‘Baarwan Khiladi‘ is based on a cricket tale in which he and Shahveer Jaffri star. “It’s a cricket story,” he said. He mentioned, “I am the Baarwan Khiladi, maybe I am not, so let’s wait for the film to come out.”

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The singer-turned-actor said he put in a lot of effort to play a cricketer in the film. “I never really played cricket, maybe tape ball on occasion, but hardball cricket was difficult for me to adapt to. I put in a lot of rehearsal time with one of my cousins and worked my hardest to make it happen. I hope that when this film is released, everybody enjoys our work,” he said.