On Friday, at an event held at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing, a booklet containing selected verses of Allama Muhammad Iqbal in the Chinese language was released.

Chinese Urdu literature academics, students from Beijing Foreign Studies University’s Urdu Language Department, and Mission officers all attended the gathering.

The booklet’s launch is part of celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

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Prof. Ms Zhou Nasreen, Head of Beijing Foreign Studies University’s (BFSU) Urdu Language Department, spoke at the event and paid glowing tribute to Allama Iqbal for his timeless poetry and enlightening intellectual thinking.

She recounted that Allama Iqbal has always been held in high regard by Chinese scholars and that many of his popular poems have already been translated into Chinese.

Prof. Nasreen said that Iqbal’s idea of Khudi (Self) and his fight for justice and fair play has piqued China’s attention.

Ambassador of Pakistan to China Moin Ul Haque spoke at the event, praising Iqbal’s intellectual scope, political acumen, and creative genius.

He said that Iqbal’s message has universal appeal and transcends creed and ethnicity and that his contributions to philosophy and literature are a shared heritage of humanity.

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Ambassador Moin hoped that this book would help to popularize Iqbal in China and strengthen cultural ties between the two countries.

The Chinese students of BFSU’s Urdu Language Department also recited Iqbal’s verses during the function.