People work very hard to stay fit. Although some people achieve their goals, others give up in the middle. However, Ustad Abdul Waheed, a 60-year-old Pakistani bodybuilder, has been chasing his fitness target since the age of 16 and continues to do so. After winning the Bodybuilding Championship 2021, Ustad Abdul Waheed was crowned Mr Pakistan.

His victory was remarkable because of his age and health. At the age of 60, Ustad Abdul Waheed holds a bodybuilding championship, leaving people in awe of his health. In the photos taken at the competition, his biceps, triceps, and strong body was a sight to behold.

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“Good health is a divine blessing. With Him showering His blessings on me and me down here not taking anything for granted and working hard to stay fit, even at 60, I don’t see why I won’t be able to keep winning bodybuilding contests even when I’m 100,” Ustad Waheed laughs as he talks to Dawn.

Ustad Waheed is now vying for the role of Mr Asia. Waheed, 60, has the kind of chiselled body that any young bodybuilder will die for. Ustad was crowned as Mr Pakistan just before Ramadan.

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He had also won the Mr Punjab title a few months before. Ustad earned several other awards, mainly gold and a few silvers, as well as titles such as Mr Lahore. He is now vying for the role of Mr Asia. “I want to make a name for myself and for my country,” he adds.