Arslan ‘Ash’ Siddiqui, a Pakistani gamer, beat 120 opponents to win the World Ultimate Fight League E-gaming finals in Ukraine’s capital on Monday.

The World Ultimate Fight League, or WUFL, is one of the most prestigious fighting game tournaments in the world, attracting top-tier e-gamers from all over the globe.

The recent historic victory of 25-year-old Arslan ‘Ash’ reaffirms Pakistan’s supremacy in E-sports and places it on the gaming world map as one of the top E-gaming nations.

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Siddiqui expressed his gratitude to Allah for the recent victory, saying, “I give my praises to Allah, and I am thankful for the hospitality and loyalty of all the organizers, workers, and players.”

In the final, he faced another Pakistani player, Awais Honey, and won 5:2 on the scoreboard. For his win, he won a grand prize of $15,000, while the second-placed Honey received $10,000 and the bronze-medalist JDCR received $8,000.