The moral brigade recently slammed Saba Qamar’s outfit from her birthday festivities, calling it “vulgar” and “un-Islamic.” In response to the uproar, someone photoshopped a hijab and tights onto her frame, which went viral as well.

Noor Bukhari, on the other hand, did not approve of the photoshopped image and shared her dissatisfaction with it.

Sharing the picture on Instagram, Bukhari said: “Shouldn’t make fun of Saba or hijabis like this please.”

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Prior to Noor Bukhari, Zoya Nasir had already spoken out in defence of Saba Qamar, citing the public’s double standards.

Saba Qamar, on the other hand, seems to be having a good time with the picture and the remarks that have been made about it. In her Instagram account, she posted a retouched photo with the caption, “It’s really funny.”