In an unintentional and dishonest journalistic and general shift, Daily Ummat used the term “prostitute” to describe supporters of the Aurat March in a lead news article in its April 5 publication.

According to the story, the majority of the women were raped in 14 countries, including the United States, Japan, Sweden, South Africa, India, Bangladesh, and other African countries.

Therefore, criticizing Aurat March, the daily newspaper wrote, “The prostitutes of Aurat March were unable to see the names of non-Muslim countries.”

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As per the report, the “whores” of this annual social and political protest are unable to see these non-Muslim countries with high rates of sexual harassment. People slammed the Karachi-based newspaper for using a derogatory word against women.

The Pakistan Human Rights Commission HRCP has condemned the use of derogatory words against women. “HRCP opposes the use of immoral and inappropriate words against women in the daily Ummat,” read a tweet posted on the official account of one of the country’s oldest human rights organisations.

The newspaper must give an unconditional apology and pledge not to use similar words in the future, according to the tweet.

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The newspaper, on the other hand, is yet to give an apology for the sexist remark.