ISLAMABAD: An FIR has been ordered by the Peshawar court; against the organizers of Aurat March.

Judge Syed Shaukatullah ordered the station house officer of the East police station to register FIR.

In the petition, five lawyers claimed that on 8th March, Aurat March- activities were held on the road while not considering Islamic rules.

A picture of a placard about a child went viral the next day of Aurat March, and people on Twitter labelled it as “blasphemous.”

The placard said that I was 9, and he was 50. I am the one who got silenced, but he is still perceived- when he delivers the call to prayer. The organizers spoke up for the lack of justice for a 9-year-old rape victim and a survivor. A video of Aurat March was shared on social media that included incendiary subtitles with participants chanting slogans.

The organizers of the Aurat March in response shared the original video of the demonstration held in Karachi, which demanded independence from all forces that oppress women.

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The petition on Friday- was filed under Section 22-A of the Code of Criminal Procedure. According to this, the court has the power to take action against those who disrupt the “peace” if police fail to do so.

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The SHO East Cantt was reluctant to register the FIR against the organizers of Aurat March for disrespecting Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), and bibi Ayesha.

After the FIR was registered against the organizers as well as the participants, the current Minister for Religious Affairs, Noor Haq Qadri said that the controversial material that was shared on social media was under investigation.

In the clarification of this issue, the organizers said that no derogatory slogan was raised during March.