Recently, a video went viral on social media in which deforestation of mango orchards in Multan is shown. The users are expressing their outrage and are not ready to accept this. Ironically, the current government of Pakistan; Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) has launched various projects of the plantation- to combat the climatic change.

The video was first uploaded by the member of the opposition party of PTI; Farooq Leghari of PML-N and was retweeted by the minister of PML-N Ahsan Iqbal.

It can be observed in the video that some men are cutting the stems and branches of those mango trees that require a period of five to eight years to bear fruit. The common folks of Pakistan are highly embarrassed to see the video.

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Upon sharing the video, Farooq Leghari also questioned that where is “Green” Pakistan? He witnessed that till now, above 90 thousand fruit-bearing mango trees have been cut down during deforestation by the Multan Defence Housing Authority. Pakistan is already short of forests, yet the destruction of orchards continues.

After the utmost efforts of urging the authorities to halt the destruction; the Politicians and activists, along with Twitter users have been successful in managing to condemn the operation.

According to the reports, the deforestation is for Malik Riaz’s Son in Law, and not for construction purposes in DHA. The Twitter users angrily said that uprooting the trees will leave innumerable negative impacts on Pakistan, which include mango export to foreign countries will decrease; leading to a balance of Payment deficit in the trading account of Pakistan. Also, many would-be deprived of their source of income

Following Farooq Lighari’s Tweet on 21st March, the PPP secretary-general and former senator Faratullah Khan Babar on Monday said that uprooting of trees will have disastrous impacts on Pakistan. He said that agriculture, food security, and the environment will be the victims of this catastrophe.

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The Defence Housing Authority (DHA) after considering the allegations, has negated them and term such news information as misleading and incorrect. In Islamabad, on Wednesday, the DHA Multan officially stated that it is nothing but a malicious campaign, and the allegations are not true.

In response to the allegation by the PPP’s secretary-general Farhatullah Babar on 22nd March, The DHA clarified that it has always been concerned with the friendly environment DHA has. They also take initiatives to begin such projects of implanting trees in the acquired land of DHA, in Multan. Farhatullah Babar was concerned over reports for the destruction of mango orchards and their conversion into the urban property, by the DHA in the past few years. He also demanded a transparent inquiry into this matter.