To celebrate Pakistan Day, an Investiture ceremony was held at the place of President Dr Arif Alvi- for the recognition and appreciation of personalities including foreign nationals. The personalities were from different fields including singing (Ali Zafar), medicine, education, social services, and even fine arts.

In the ceremony held on Tuesday, the President gave awards to several deserving personalities, and among the holders of the pride of performance were the famous singer Ali Zafar, the very well-known religious Scholar, a very talented actor of Pakistan Humayun Saeed, and Sakina Samo.

Ali Zafar was extremely overwhelmed to receive the award of pride of Pakistan and was thankful to all his fans, supporters, and the family for their immense support and appreciation of his work. Remember, you deserve to be happy, you deserve to be successful, and you deserve to live, and never compromise on that, said Atif Aslam. He further added that have faith and everything will be ok.

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The Mela Loot Liya singer, after the ceremony, said that Yesterday, while receiving the award, several things were running in my mind, but I would like to share the most important ones with my audience. He said that these tips will help you in achieving your goals and assist you in difficult times.

The Singer and Songwriter with 4.5 Million followers on Instagram went on by saying that we are blessed with a beautiful life, and it completely depends on us what we make from it.


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While the fans congratulated him from the bottom of their hearts, some weren’t ready to accept him receiving the award of Pride of Pakistan. With the topic of “Ali Zafar” trending in Pakistan, many spoke up that he didn’t deserve to be the recipient of this award. They argued that this award is more of a sympathy award than an achievement or appreciation award. Oppressors of Atif Aslam- believe that giving awards to sexual harassers is the way how our society sympathizes and encourages them to do more acts alike.

This is the way how Pakistan tries to make the harassers more confident and proud of themselves, said folks on Twitter. One of the Twitter users said that these are the acts that lead to the promotion of toxic culture, toxic masculinity, misogyny, and male insecurity in Pakistan. One said that instead of Ali Zafar- Murtaza Solangi was the right deserving of this award.