Recently, a shop exclusively run by the transgender community has inaugurated in Saddar Karachi. The Trans Pride society was proud to announce the official inauguration of the first-ever commercial tailor shop run by transgenders in Karachi. The one behind this thought-provoking idea named Nisha Rao runs the Trans Pride Society.

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The Karachi Bar Association General Secretary Advocate Nawaz Warraich and Sindh Commission Chairperson on Women’s Status Nuzhat Shirni were the two chief guests of the opening ceremony.

The shop is located- at UG Shop No 67,70, Jinnah Complex Apartment and Shopping Mall in Sadar.

This momentous beginning took place on the 20th of March, 20201.

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The CEO Nisha congratulated the tailors and members of the Trans Pride Society on the new undertaking. Earlier, the 28-year old Rao recently made headlines as Pakistan’s first transgender law graduate who ran away from home in Faislabad. Rao escapade her home for not wanting to study and escape the physical abuse her father used to do on her. She informed that he wasted a lot of his money in the process of taking out the djinn who- he thought possesses her.

Who knew that the youngest of seven and the most loved in her family would have to leave home to prevent her parents from facing the societal backlash and beg people for money. This huge step taken by Rao could change many perspectives of people in Pakistan- about the transgender community. The transgender who used to beg for money- to buy food for her survival is now the proud CEO of the first-ever transgender tailor shop in Karachi.