Instagram initiated by saying this in its official blog post that protecting the younger ones on our platform is our priority. On 16th March, it officially announced the introduction of new and enhanced features to keep the younger community members safe from abusive adults. The dedicated team of experts closely focuses to make new features for younger users; so that they can be out of harm’s way.

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According to Mashable, asking the youngsters about their birthday won’t prevent them from lying, and the Facebook-owned platform Instagram is dealing with man-made consciousness- to identify the genuine age of its users. The new updates will hopefully prevent the youngsters from being targeted by abusive teenagers. One of the new features includes that teenagers will no more be able to send messages to young users who are under the age of 18 and don’t follow them. Additionally, it is making it difficult for grown-ups to find youngsters on Instagram. For this- teens will not appear in the recommended section of young users and also may not be noticeable to them in the Reels and Explore tabs.

Instagram said that as we move to end-to-end encryption, we are looking to find out ways to make the platform a safer place without needing the young users to access the content of DM’s. Moreover, for the younger ones that are already in contact with the teenagers; Instagram will be sending them safety alerts. If an adult is exhibiting potentially suspicious behaviour, Instagram will warn notify youngsters by sending them safety notices in DMs. Instagram will encourage them to use private accounts so that they can stay safe on its social media platform.