The coronavirus pandemic has led to country-wide smart lockdowns since it has started. Although Pakistan has maintained a remarkable resistance against the coronavirus, it is hard to ignore the spike entering the territory. The education minister has announced the closure of educational institutions for two weeks from March 15. The decision was made after the meeting of the national command and operations (NCOC) under the supervision of Shafqat Mehmood, the education minister stated that educational institutes would get closed in Islamabad as well as Punjab for two weeks.

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Dr Faisal Sultan added that the decision for extending the ban on indoor activities and reconsidering the 50% of work from home policy. The decision is therefore left at the provinces, yet Islamabad goes into effect immediately. The further situation will be reviewed on the 12th of April. Dr Faisal said that the vaccination process of the 60-year-old and above has been started the citizens can send in their CNIC number to 1166 to get vaccinated.

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Wearing a mask would be necessary for everyone.

Smart lockdowns will be imposed on the hotspots of disease.

50% work from a home policy will be carried forward as per the province’s decision. However, Islamabad is enforced for it urgently.

The commercial sector will be reinforced with the time limit of 10 pm immediately.

All the amusement parks will close at 6 pm.

The previous decision of permitting indoor weddings, the opening of cinemas, as well as shrines, has been taken back. But outdoor dining and takeaway are still open for practice.

Outdoor gatherings are allowed with a limited number of 300 guests with strict measures of SOPs.

Federating units have the power to impose strict NPIs in cities/districts depending on the disease spread.