The garden setting, with mandatory masks, limited seating and a circular runway, was enthusiastically welcomed by the 14 designers who, despite the recent odds, sent their collections down the ramp of FPW 2021.

There were many firsts. Alkaram, the giant textile, put on a red carpet that was both bold and beautifully proportioned. A live band by saxophonist Lenny Massey, Selwyn Fernandes, Josh Dias and Arnold Andrews kept everyone entertained, a compact show area, fresh-faced models and collections that had been curated and edited ensured that FPW S/S 21 hit all the right notes. This was liberation after a year of fashion isolation.

The Alkaram Studio red carpet also reflected this renewal of energy after a tumultuous year, as fashion came back to the nation with FPW S/S 2021. An array of celebrities, legends, dignitaries, designers, and the fashion-savvy crowd shone bright at the red carpet, where some eye-popping looks included one by Sarwat Gilani, who chose to wear a sleek ensemble by Maheen Khan, Fahad Mirza, who went for an eclectic jacket by designer Humayun Alamgir, Anoushey Ashraf who kept it classic with a duo-toned black and white dress, and designer Aamna Aqeel who gave an ode to the velvet dream and in an all-black outfit.

About the designers & their collections, here are some details:

Shamsha Hashwani – Creating an experience with her strong homage to Subcontinental heritage and timeless craft, Shamsha Hashwani opened the second day at FPW with an opulent festive collection, ‘Surriya.’

Maheen Khan – Crafted with fabrics procured from the ‘Koya’ collection by Hilal Silk Palace which aims to revive the dying art of hand-woven silk in Pakistan and reintroduce the fabric in the burgeoning fashion industry of the nation, ‘Amnesia,’ a showcase by the doyenne of fashion, Maheen Khan displayed the mighty skillsets of the couturier.

Sameer Sain – Crafted with innovative cuts and out-of-the-norm embellishments positioned against a canvas of mesmerizing hues and created with techniques that predate modern history, Sameer Sain’s collection ‘Meraki’ proved to be purely for the contemporary man of today.

Zaaviay by Fatima Hassan – Inspired by a hopeful tale of an eastern bride as she enters into a new chapter of her life, Zaaviay by Fatima Hassan explored a festive trousseau with ‘Zehnaseeb,’ that showcased a myriad of traditional embellishments, classic bridal/festive silhouettes, and a colour palette that would appeal to any bride with its deep reds, jewel tones and traditional hues.

Sana Abbas – Proving her meticulous take on style and sophistication in the bridal couture market, Sana Abbas played with festive reds and jewels along with muted pastels hues in a colour palette that truly made ‘Gulnaz’ the perfect showcase for a blushing bride.

Gogi by Hassan Riaz – Inspired by the rose orchards in deserts surrounded by eagles and stallions, ‘Desert Rosette – The Fauna’s Imaginative Orchard’ brought forth a festive couture collection that played with the imaginative fantasy of a desert’s enchanting rosettes orchards, which hold fictional gardens in the desert soil.

Delphi by Nida Tapal – Presenting an amalgamation of perfectly-crafted classic silhouettes that played with colour-blending techniques and hand-woven crochet which were juxtaposed with rich fabrics, artisanal iridescent embellishments, and classic fusion silhouettes that transcend geographical boundaries, Delphi by Nida Tapal brought forward an array of innovation with ‘Colour Me Delphi.’

Fashion Pakistan Week S/S 2021 was directed and choreographed by Adnan Ansari and the team at Riwayat. The hair and makeup was by the team at Depilex helmed by Masarrat and Nighat Misbah.